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 Post notifier has to be manually turned off by YOU

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PostSubject: Post notifier has to be manually turned off by YOU   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:49 pm

If you notice below and after the text box area where you enter your text you will see a notify me of new posts button. I can't disable this from the admin panel so you must do this in your profile/user cp if you wish to not have to uncheck this every time. I know how annoying it is to get countless emails on these things so I turned mine off. some of you might prefer to have it email you to notify you when someone has posted a new post in your thread. If that's the case, leave it alone.

For the others who wish to turn it off. Go into your profile/preferences tab and you should see this:

Quote :
Always notify me of replies :
Sends an e-mail when someone replies to a topic you have posted in. This can be changed whenever you post.

Check the "no" button to disable.
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Post notifier has to be manually turned off by YOU
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