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 How to use the calender to add events

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How to use the calender to add events Empty
PostSubject: How to use the calender to add events   How to use the calender to add events EmptyThu Sep 10, 2009 12:25 pm

I figured this might be beneficial to some of the members who post upcoming events. To add an event to the forum calender you do not go to the actual calender by using the "Calender" link. If you do you'll spend forever trying to find some way to add a new event on a date. It won't happen lol.

So to add an event you simply create the thread of the event like you normally would. Add in the title field and enter the text in the text box to tell us some information about the event. Below to the text box you should see the "Calender" portion below it. If you don't see it then that means your Calender box needs to be expanded. Click the little minus symbol and it should drop down and show where you enter the dates and times.

There are 3 levels of detail on the Calender that you can enter but really only the Calender event date information has to be entered in order for the forum calender to know what day(s) the event is on. If you want to ennter in the Hour of Event and what day(s) and hours the event is then that is your choice and purely an option.

After you enter in at least the day/month.year of the event and submit your thread then the information will be uploaded to the forum calender for all to see. They can go to the forum calender and see the event on those dates and click the link on them. This will then redirect them back to your thread you create of the event. Very easy and useful.

Here is a screenshot I took to show you the Calender box expanded so you can see the Calender section (I highlighted in the red box for you).

Hope that helps and hope you guys use it! How to use the calender to add events 954592

How to use the calender to add events Pbucket
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How to use the calender to add events
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