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 New exhaust on my WR

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PostSubject: New exhaust on my WR   Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:14 pm

Got my exhaust today! For the money I'm VERY impressed with this exhaust. There isn't much information on this exhaust for our bikes, much less bikes in general since this exhaust started out as only available for quads. Quality seems very good and I like the little attention to detail sprinkled throughout the slip-on system. Hard to beat for $179. I'll get a FMF Powerbomb to match up later on but for now I'm very happy. Bike seems more snappy down low and thru the midrange. I think I have a little room to fine tune my jetting to squeeze a little more out but I was impressed with what my butt dyno was telling me!!

With the quiet core / spark arrestor in the bike has a nice deep mellow tone. Definitely louder than stock/PMB combo but not obnoxiously loud. It sounds real close to my buddys CRF250R with FMF Powerbomb and Powercore4 silencer. I will definitely be riding this bike with the quiet core installed. With the 46mm race tip in the bike is VERY loud. Sounds like a piped 450 lol. It's too loud for forrest/trail riding but is probably what you'd want on a local MX track that doesn't test for db's.

Video comparing the stock WR exhaust with PMB insert in comparison to the LEXX exhaust both with the quiet core/spark arrestor tip and the 46mm race tip. Note: I accidentally recorded the video in 60 FPS so there is some wierd movement effects being shown. In reality my fender, number plate, exhaust and tips don't wiggle like they appear in the vid. This is due to the framerate effect.


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New exhaust on my WR
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